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Natural Dog and Cat Food

Working Dog and Natural Ranges of Raw Dog and Cat Food


Dogs are members of the carnivore family. If you look into their mouths you will see teeth that are designed for grabbing, ripping, tearing, shredding and shearing meat. Once the food passes into the stomach, the acid is so strong (equivalent to Hydrochloric Acid ) that it allows the breakdown of large pieces of protein and raw bones. This is why dogs rarely get ill from eating rotten food found when out on a walk! An adult dogs digestive system takes approx 8-9 hours for the whole digestion process.


Feeding a BARF Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food) such as raw meat, raw bones and raw vegetables/fruit, mimics what your dog would eat in the wild.

Vegetables and fruit retain more nutritional goodness when served raw.


Many commercial dog foods have artificial colour, salt, sugar and flavourings added. It has also been cooked at a very high temperature to create the little nuggets, destroying what little nutritional value is left. If you were to put a bowl of kibble and a bowl of raw dog food out on a sunny day, flies will leave the kibble and we all know flies are not terribly fussy little creatures. Dogs can of course survive on kibble, but nutritionally they do not thrive.


  • Smaller firmer stools
  • Healthy skin and shinier coat
  • Improved health
  • Increased immunity
  • No breath or body odour
  • Energy levels are more balanced as opposed to the hyperactivity that a processed diet can cause






And to enjoy the above, the secret is… it’s no secret.

Just Embark On Raw and you and your dog will never look back.

Our Story

For many years we have been advocates of raw feeding. We have seen the beauty and benefits first hand and what it has done for our beloved dogs. We wanted to know what was in our dog’s food and we were not happy with the commercial diets being offered. We wanted our family pets to really thrive and the key to this was the best natural ingredients that we could find.

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