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Herbal Dog Co All Natural Dog Rose Wrinkle Wash 250ml


If your precious pooch has a wrinkly face, you’ll know just how sensitive the delicate skin on this area can be. That’s why our naturally formulated rose facial wash is the perfect way to keep them clean and fresh – without the risk of their skin becoming sore or itchy.

Our rose-scented facial wash is ideal for small dogs like bulldogs and pugs, or even bigger wrinkly dog breeds like shar-pei and mastiff. Made with all-natural oils and botanical extracts, our herbal products are free from any nasty chemicals.

The facial wash will remove all of the unpleasant bacteria that tend to lurk in the folds of their facial skin – keeping your lovely pet free from infection and smelling beautifully fresh. Because it’s so gentle, its mild formula is completely tearless – a wonderful way to stop the risk of any infections and staining and keep them looking handsome!


Aqua, Aqueous Extracts of Chamomile, Sage, Soapwort, Rose Fragrance

Size; 250ml

How to use;

Wet face with a damp cloth and massage a generous amount concentrating on stained areas, for best results leave for a few minutes. Rinse product off fully. Can also be used on paws or other areas with staining. Perfect for bulldog wrinkles as this product does not contain oats that can irritate yeast imbalances. This product works best with regular use.


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