Prodog Raw Complete Beef with Green Tripe


Beef is a lean muscle meat full of essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and the B complex. Tripe is loaded with good enzymes and is a natural probiotic to support gut health. Together these ingredients support the growth and development of your working dog.

Our Complete Beef with Green Tripe Raw Dog Food is a unique gourmet blend of raw meat and vegetables, sourced only from DEFRA approved British Farm Assurance certified local farms.

Our Complete Beef with Green Tripe Raw Dog Food is combined with essential oils and packed with superfoods. Perfect to support your working dogs growth and development whilst conditioning from the inside out.

Calcium / Phosphorus ratio 0.1:1

ProDog Beef and Green Tripe Formula contains:
Meat: 79.6% (55.6% British Beef, 24% British Tripe)
Vegetables: 20% (May vary due to seasonability)
Trace: Seaweed
Oils 0.4% (Cod Liver Oil, Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil)

Nutritional Analysis  (% or / kg):

Moisture 70.5%, Crude Oil and Fats 9.8%, Crude Protein 14%, Crude Ash 0.9%, Crude Fibre <0.5%, Calcium 172mg,Phosphorus 1325mg, Sodium 483mg.

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