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What is a raw diet?

A raw diet simply is…….an unprocessed,  natural diet containing a combination of raw meat, bone, offal, fruits and vegetables and great fats!

The history of pet feed is a very interesting topic and as dogs and cats have become domesticated one crucial point to remember is that their digestive system has stayed the same. They are not designed to eat high carb diets filled with rice or meat derivatives, unnatural flavourings and additives that we are all too often told to feed our pets.

To thrive, they benefit the most from fresh ingredients that mimic their own species appropriate dietary needs.


  • Smaller, non-smelly firmer stools, say goodbye to massive poop bags and large poop
  • 60% less stools due to the body absorbing all the goodness
  • Healthy skin and shinier coat
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Increased immunity
  • No breath or body odour
  • Energy levels are more balanced and consistent
  • Raw food naturally contains moisture so compared to a kibble, your pet will not drink as much, although fresh drinking water should always be available.
  • No more smelly wind! The difference once you feed a raw diet is quite remarkable and cleaner air is once resumed, which only leaves one question…..who are you going to blame it on now?
  • Less itchy

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